My Story

During a holiday to Kuala Lumpur I came across a small store that caught my attention selling personalised jewellery. They had a big long glass display filled with bracelets, necklaces and keyrings that you could personalise with different colours and charms, it really grabbed my attention.

The fun part was you could create the keyring how you wanted it, you chose the style, colours and charms, they had something for everyone. They had your typical girly colours and charms but also ones for boys and men which I thought was great. They were instantly a hit so I found a manufacturer that creates the charms and fittings, bought some stock and started making personalised keyrings for friends and family. Now I’ve grown and expanded into bracelets and lockets with a plan to push further into more personalised treasures.

Something for Everyone

I strongly believe in personalised gifts and the value they can add to someone’s life. I was fortunate enough to grow up with many personalised items around the home; a wooden name plaque for my room, my bike had a fancy number plate with my name and even my milo mug! It was great having my own name on things, they instantly became more special. Our products are personally created so any name or word can be created.

Be Creative

Our personalised products can be used in many ways and we have shown some great examples but we also want our customers to be creative and think of new uses for our products or completely redesign an existing product. If you would like a product altered to better suit your needs please contact us with your idea.

Alan Williamson

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